1. I present the real thieves of Paris. Young girls with paper and pens. They ask you to sign there surveys while the other girls dig through your pockets.

    Other things to stay away from.

    2. Guys with clip boards that ask you if you believe in peace in Africa. They are con artists that pull on your heart strings to get money from you.

    3. Young dudes with paper and pens… Doing the same as the girls.

    4. And for my favorite, people who walk around and drop a gold ring in front of you and then ask if its yours. This is to gain trust and then ask you for money for their family.

    5. On the subways at various stops hold on to your items when the doors shut. People will grab your shit and escape right before the doors shut.

    I learned and witnessed all of these various tricks from the tour guide on yesterdays walking tour. And of course I had to grab a photo.

    Fucking thieves…

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  4. sfelicianos said: Those motherfuckers!!! I remember them. Goddamn gypsies.
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    When I was in Paris there were a bunch of guys at Sacre-Coeur using friendship bracelets as handcuffs to try get money...
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    Note to self: keep everything important in bra.
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    my sister told me about them when I went to visit her there two years ago. They’re literally everywhere. And very...
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